What's up, I'm Figgs!

Some call me the Trash Panda. I'm a real sweet boy, but I've got a bit of a wild side!

I'm a pretty interesting guy.

Check out what I like..and what I don't like...

What I Like

Wagging my tail
Rolling in worms
Going for a stoll
My Dad

What I Don't Like

People who move in their sleep.
Carl the robot
Meeting new puppies for the first time


Let me tell you about my best friend(s)

Most puppies have a best friend...but I'm different. 

I have two best friends!

Best Friend #1: Buca

Buca and I do everything together. He's my best puppy friend. I get really jealous when Mom pays more attention to him. We have a great time.

Best Friend #2: My Dad

My Dad is my best human friend. He lets me sit on his lap all the time. He's a great guy and he's my Thunder Buddy. I love him a lot!

I have a lot of nicknames and personalities. I'm one goofy dude!