Hi, I'm Buca!

According to my mom, I'm the best boy in the whole entire world. 

I'm a pretty interesting guy.

Check out what I like..and what I don't like...

What I Like

Stinky Socks
Walks in my stroller
My Mom
Food in general
Sleeping in my molehole

What I Don't Like

The Vacuum Cleaner
Carl the robot
Meeting new puppies for the first time


Let me tell you about my best friend(s)

Most puppies have a best friend...but I'm different. 

I have two best friends!

Best Friend #1: Figgy

Figgy and I do everything together. He's my best puppy friend. Sometimes I even pick out little pieces of food for him. We have a great time.

Best Friend #2: My Mom

My mom is my best human friend. She treats me like a prince, even though I sometimes get into trouble. She's the best, and I really love her!

My mom says I can be a puppy model. What do you think?